Summer Smokey Eye by Katie Russo Nashville Wedding Makeup Artist

Today makeup artist Katie Russo is sharing one of her favorite looks, the summer smokey eye. Every Friday, Katie finds a great makeup look and then tells you exactly how to do it. Now let’s let Katie tell us exactly how to get this look!

Inspiration, Weddings, Makeup, DIY, Wedding 101, Katie Russo, Nashville, TNI’ve decided to start off with a bang and do the always fabulous Summer time Smokey Eye. This would be a great look for a bachelorette party, right?! I have many favorite looks but this will go down as one of the greats!! With a really good shimmer cream shadow, this also becomes super easy!! And of course it doesn’t hurt that it’s MK Olson up there in the inspiration!! Lets begin shall we!

Friday Face Charts smokey,  Inspiration, Weddings, Makeup, DIY, Wedding 101, Katie Russo, Nashville, TN

STEP 1.) BASE EYESHADOW: Use a matte cream or warm white eyeshadow over the whole lid all the way to the brow bone. With a very shimmery charcoal color cream shadow apply it to your eyelid only (don’t go up to your brow bone), if you’d like more of an impact, apply the cream shadow, let it dry a bit then keep applying more cream shadow until you get your desired effect. *Color Used: base color- M.A.C vanilla, cream shadow- Make Up For Ever aqua eyes in steel.

STEP 2.) CREASE: with a back and forth, wind shield wiper motion, blend a graeige (kind of gray and beige) color in the crease. It’s ok if the crease color is lighter then the base color this time for blending purposes. *Color Used: crease-M.A.C.- copperplate

STEP 3.) LOWER LID: Use the same “graeige” used for the crease and blend it underneath your lash line. Go over that with your same cream shadow you used in step 1.

STEP 4.) LASHE LINE: Wth a black eyeliner go in between your top lashes, and bottom lashes. For this look though, I didn’t do liner on the inside rim of the lower lash line, of course you can if you would like:-). *Pencil Used: Urban Decay 24/7 glide on pencil- zero

STEP 5.) LASHES: Curl your lashes, and curl and curl, then apply black mascara. *Mascara Used: L’oreal Telescopic Explosion mascara in black (it’s my new fav. mascara!!!)

STEP 6.) BRONZER: Apply bronzer to contour your face, so underneath your cheek bone, under your jawbone, and at your temple. *Color Used: Benefit’s Hoola

STEP 7.) BLUSH: Apply a peachy pinky blush by tapping it on the apples of your cheeks,
blending in into the contour you’ve done in step 6. *Color Used: M.A.C. pinch o’peach

Top it off with your favorite lip gloss and voila – super duper hot…and easy smoky eye!!

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Katie is an amazing makeup artist so if you’re still looking for someone to create the perfect look for your wedding day give her a call and schedule a consultation!

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