Must-Try Essential Oils for Bridal Self-Care and the Wedding Day

essential oils for weddings

At Wedding 101 we know that with a wedding day on the way and all the wedding planning that comes with it, many brides-to-be find themselves stressed and concerned. They focus on all the things that might go wrong, like being unsure what to wear, what are the must-have photos, and forget to actually enjoy that special time of love and commitment to their partner.

And to look and feel her best on the wedding day and have the time of her life with wonderful memories afterward, a bride needs to be calm, well-rested, and completely carefree. That’s why self-care during wedding planning is a must for the mental state and physical health of every bride-to-be.

Here is where essential oils come to help. They are a powerful, yet natural way to reduce your anxiety and nervousness during times of stress. No matter if applied to your skin, consumed internally, or used as aromatherapy, essential oils help improve your sleep, boost your mood, increase contentment, minimize stress, and more.

There are also creative ways to incorporate essential oils on the wedding day itself for an even more festive and happy wedding atmosphere.

So, take a look at our list of top essential oils perfect for bridal self-care, so that the bride has the best wedding ever.

Essential Oils for Stress and Anxiety

  • Famous for its soothing capabilities, lavender not only helps you sleep better and thus reduces stress but it has instant calming effects, as well.
  • Lemon, orange, grapefruit essential oil, you name it, all citrus oils show impressive results for coping with worries around the wedding preparation.

“Prepare a mix of 10-15 drops of essential oil and water, pour it in a spray bottle, and spray it around your home every couple of hours, or spray your pillow before bedtime,” comments greenery expert Allan, “then, let the essential oil aroma do its job and just relax,” he adds.

Essential Oils for Good Mood

There are specific essential oils known to prompt the release of the happy hormones – serotonin, dopamine, and endorphin.

  • A mood-lifting essential oil which is a natural anti-depressant, that reduces tension. A strong aphrodisiac, too!
  • Ylang Ylang. Ylang ylang essential oil stimulates feelings of happiness and joy.

Essential Oils for Energy

  • A drop or two in your mouth is more than enough to improve your energy levels in no time. Plus, you get a fresh breath, which is definitely a bonus. So, peppermint essential oil is a great healthier alternative to sugary coffee.
  • The oil relieves fatigue and helps with insomnia. It also stimulates hair growth, so your hair looks stunning on the big day.

Essential Oils for Pre-wedding Beauty Routines

  • For teeth-whitening. Add a drop of orange essential oil to your toothpaste every time you brush your teeth for best results. Use cold-pressed oils, so you don’t harm your teeth enamel.
  • For anti-frizz and fast hair growth. Along with rosemary oil, include essential oils such as cedarwood, thyme, lavender, or lemongrass in your hair care for long and shiny hair with no split ends.
  • For pimple and spot-free skin. Frankincense, argan, and coconut oils are great to keep your skin moisturized. They protect it and reduce the appearance of acne and wrinkles.

Essential Oils for the Wedding Day

  • For the groom. Grooms are sometimes more anxious than brides. In cases of wedding day jitters, let the groom apply drops of bergamot oil behind his ears and on his wrists. It has excellent calming capabilities and serves as a pleasant fragrance, too.
  • For the mothers. The mothers of the bride and the groom are usually the most emotional during the wedding day. Jasmine, chamomile, or lavender essential oils in a blend with water create the perfect tears-stopping and calming spray.
  • For the theme. Every wedding has a defined theme with particular colors, flowers, arrangements, etc., and why not a specific aroma. Add drops of your favorite aromatic essential oil to your wedding bouquet and the table centerpieces, so the lovely scent floats around the air all day for an enjoyable ambiance.

And if you really want to stand out and bring forward something of the highest and exotic class, essential oils manufacturer with decades in experience Galen-N recommends classic Bulgarian rose oil harvested by the Rosa Damascena (Damask rose) fields in the only country that has it.

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Make sure to take good care of yourself before prior to the wedding to feel amazing on the big day and enjoy your partner’s true love, instead of worrying about all the minor details.

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