5 ways to include grandparents at your wedding ceremony?

All of us, deep inside our heart feel a special attraction towards our grandparents. This is a bondage that is among the most beautiful affections which life has bestowed. When you are a child, they cuddle you, and when you are grown up, they are still ready to sacrifice for you in all ways. They feel happy in your happiness and share the sorrows in hardships. A grandchild’s wedding is an event that brings utmost pleasure to his or her grandparents, and so is the time to honor them. Here are some of the striking ideas on how to include grandparents at your wedding ceremony.

grandparents at the wedding

Remote grandparents

While the ideas below will inspire you – let’s get some logistical stuff out of the way first. Many of you live far away from your grandparents. You’ll likely have to arrange travel for them. Some grandparents will need some extra support while they travel or even while they are at your wedding. If your grandparents have home care agencies helping them consider bringing their senior caregiver along with them. Gary Ferone from Fairfield Family Care in Stamford, CT says they’ve had dozens of their caregivers attend weddings with their senior clients. Yes, it may add extra costs to their trip but these senior caregivers know their routines and will make sure they are cared for so you can stay focused on your special day.

Ask grandma to be your Flower girl

Flower girl proceedings are among the sweetest chunks of any wedding ceremony. The young beautiful girl wearing a fluffy dress, a lovely crown, and holding a cute little basket in her hand looks like a little angel. Everyone adores her. But what if you ask your grandma to be your flower girl? Yes, it will not only surprise your guests at the ceremony but will also inculcate in your grandma’s heart an everlasting impression. This way, you can lighten up her emotions and tell her how young and gorgeous she still is.

Ask grandpa to be your Ringbearer

As a flower girl, the ring bearer is also a much notable personality walking the couple down the aisle. Usually, cute little boys between the ages 4 and 8 are supposed to be ring bearers. Ring bearers are very special kids in a sense of connection and love to both the bride and groom. Asking your grandpa to hold the rings on the wedding day and walk through aisle will be the loveliest move to make him realize how close is he to your heart. Just imagine how graceful will it look the old grandpa escorting his young grandchild along the way!

Secret recipe

Remember, grandparents love only two things on this planet; one is their grandchildren and the other is their secret cooking recipes. Sometimes, the later may even precede the first. Family dishes are quite the memories. Surprise your grandparents by adding their secret recipe on the wedding menu. This will be such a pretty gesture to tell them that you care for their taste. If you have different taste buds, it will be even more fun for they will know you arranged the recipe especially. Using a family dish can also be a great idea to join all three generations.

Refreshing old memories

For old grandparents, the memories of their gone days are more than paradise. You can get in this nostalgia for various ways, and it will move them greatly. You may ask your DJ to play the first song from your grandparents’ wedding ceremony. Another option can be to decorate a specific table with their old pictures when they were young and so on.

Special Dance

Ask your grandparents to join you for the bride and groom wedding dance. Either you can join with them or present them on stage as a sole couple. Their couple dance on your wedding day will make them feel much cherished and younger. 

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