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We’ve all heard of the something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in your shoe rhyme. Where does the tradition come from and what does it mean? Sixpence, Weddings, Shoe, Nashville, TN, Wedding 101

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This Old English rhyme and the four objects that the bride carries with her on the big day are simply good luck charms. In most cases your Mother, Grandmother, Bridesmaids, or even friends will give you these items right before the wedding. You can always choose these items yourself though. Here are some great ideas I found:

Something Old:

  • Attach a piece of lace from your Mother or Grandmother’s gown or veil to your gown, garter, or bouquet.
  • Add a family brooch or locket to your bouquet.
  • If one of your rings is a family heir loom, you’re already covered!

Something New:

  • Your dress, shoes, or even accessories can count as your something new.

Something Borrowed:

  • Why not borrow your Grandmothers pearls or wear one of your favorite pieces of your Mother’s jewelry?

Something, Blue, Shoes, Weddings, Day, Ideas, Wedding 101Something, Blue, Shoes, Weddings, Day, Ideas, Wedding 101Something, Blue, Shoes, Weddings, Day, Ideas, Wedding 101

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Something Blue:

  • Wear blue undergarments.
  • Ask your seamstress to use a blue button or ribbons to bustle your dress.
  • Decorate your shoes with a bit of blue. Paint the bottom of them blue, use a blue paint pen to write your wedding date on the bottom, or simply add a blue flower clip to the toe area.

A Sixpence in Your Shoe:

  • Obviously you can put a sixpence in your shoe. If you are wearing strappy sandals glue it to the bottom or even affix it to the top like in the photo above.
  • There’s always the option to wear one attached to your bouquet or even as a piece of jewelry.

So there you have it. The place the saying started and some ideas on how to incorporate them into your wedding day attire.

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