7 Reasons Why You Should Watch Super Bowl XLIX

Since all you lovely brides typically aren’t too interested in the Super Bowl, we thought you may need some incentives to tune in this year. After reading this list, you’ll be sure to have no complaints when the game begins tonight. Here are 7 Reasons Why You Should Watch Super Bowl XLIX!

1. Idina Menzel will be singing the National Anthem, and we just can’t “Let it Go!”

Idina Menzel

2. Have fun dressing up with the coordinating colors! Pick a team and dress accordingly. 3. If you don’t like football, use this time for socializing! Leave your man with the guys, and go share some gossip with the ladies. 4. Use the occasion to brush up on your nail art! These perfect nail designs will be the talk of your Super Bowl party… with the ladies, anyway.

Football Nail Art

5. Katy Perry is performing during halftime. This will be the perfect time to practice your wedding day moves by dancing to all those girl power hits! 6. THE FOOD, the Super Bowl is the second highest food consumption day in the U.S. (besides Thanksgiving). Celebrate the occasion by trying out some of those football-themed recipes we all know you’ve been Pinning.

Pizza Pockets, Strawberries, Cheese Tray

7. The Super Bowl is an excuse to eat delicious food and throw a party. What other reason do you need?! We hope these reasons have inspired you to actually enjoy yourself tonight! Thanks to Allie for her creative reasons for us all to show a little more appreciation for the All-American tradition, known as the Super Bowl. Go Seahawks!!

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