{Valentine Inspired} Wedding Day Color Palettes

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we are loving all the red and pink inspiration! What better colors to incorporate into your wedding reception look?! These colors of love have our hearts skipping a beat! Here’s some red and pink color inspiration for your special day!

7 Reasons Why You Should Watch Super Bowl XLIX

Since all you lovely brides typically aren’t too interested in the Super Bowl, we thought you may need some incentives to tune in this year. After reading this list, you’ll be sure to have no complaints when the game begins tonight. Here are 7 Reasons Why You Should Watch Super Bowl XLIX!

Valentine’s Events!

Valentine’s Day is just over two weeks away, and we have several events coming up that you definitely don’t want to miss! Whether you’re wanting to celebrate with your best friend or your fiance, we’ve got an event for everyone this year! So mark your calendar, and spread the love!

10 + 1 New Year’s Resolutions for Brides

If your wedding date happens to be in 2015, your number one New Year’s Resolution is to marry your best friend! In addition to that goal, here are 10 + 1 New Year’s Resolutions for all you lovely brides to keep in mind during this exciting time!

10 + 1 Best Wedding Photos of 2014

Today’s 10 + 1 Blog gives a little shout out to all our fabulous photographers! They work so hard all year to capture countless couple’s wedding memories, and they deserve some recognition. Here are (in our humble opinions) the 11 Best Wedding Photos of 2014!

10 + 1 Christmas Eve Traditions

As you prepare for marriage, one of the best things to do is start some traditions of your own. Here are 10 + 1 Christmas Eve Traditions that you may want to consider making your own… Merry Christmas!

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