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{Vendor Spotlight} Absolutely Delicious Catering

Today’s Vendor Spotlight is all about the food, the absolutely delicious catering that Analiz can provide for your wedding reception. Enjoy getting to know one of our newest Wedding 101 Caterers.

April Showers: Wedding Day Weather

April Showers are always a possible, albeit uninvited, guest at outdoor weddings. The last thing any bride wants to think about is the possibility of rain on her wedding day.

Unique Seating Chart Ideas

Love them or hate them, seating charts are often necessary to ensure proper food service at wedding receptions. While the process of actually assigning seats can be a bit tedious, the seating chart display does not have to be! There are tons of great new ideas out there for original and creative seating charts- many that you can DIY! Read on to see some of our favorites!

Modest to Hottest: Dress Tips for Every Mother

Modest to Hottest: Dress Tips for Every Mother

Because finding your perfect wedding dress is one of the most exciting moments between you and your mother, we often forget how important it is for your… Read more »