Children At Weddings? It’s Your Decision!

I think whether or not you invite children to your wedding is a major concern for many brides so I wanted to share her thoughts and add a little tidbit from one of our wedding planners to boot.

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Your wedding day should be exactly what you and your fiance want. Which means if you don’t want children to be invited to your wedding, then don’t invite them. Or if you do want your friends and family’s little ones at your wedding, by all means include them. Whichever way you choose, here are some tips to politely diffuse any situation!

If Children Aren’t Invited:

  • Politely express to your guests that children are not invited. It’s ok to say no to children. Utilize the inner and outer envelopes of your invitations. Write the first names of only the adults invited on the inner envelope. Keep in mind that some guests will still miss your point; call those guests to make sure they know children aren’t invited. Let them know you are envisioning a late night cocktail reception if that’s the case.
  • Children aren’t invited BUT you do have a Ring Bearer and/or Flower Girl. Make sure to hire a baby sitter or have a family member who knows they are in charge of the children. Try and give the parents of the kids a chance to enjoy your wedding by giving the responsibility to another adult for a little while.

If Children Are Invited:

  • The more the merrier! You are welcoming children at your wedding. Children can be a joy at weddings; they love to dance, they love being a part of a fancy “adult” party. Be sure to plan for them attending your wedding. Think about hiring a sitter, work with your caterer on a “kids menu”, and give them something to do! Whether its providing games for them to play or art projects at their table…be creative!
  • Be sure to let the parents know….if you’re hiring a sitter and/or what types of activities are planned for the kids.

Here’s what Courtney of A Magical Affair had to say:

  1. Children are children. Don’t expect them to act like mini grown ups. If the ring bearer or flower girl doesn’t walk down the isle, sits down half way, or even run to their mother, it’s okay! Everyone will think it’s cute and the show will go on.
  2. Keep them on their schedule. If group photos are during their usual nap time, let them sleep. They’ll be much happier for the wedding and you’re photographer will get great photos later.

So are you inviting children to your wedding? If so, what activities do you have planned to keep them busy? We’d love to know, so leave us a comment below!

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  1. Something Detailed

    Couldn’t agree more! Investing in inner and outer envelopes for your invitations far outweighs the stress communicating with friends and families about their little ones.

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