A Little Perspective is Key

Ladies, we talk about pretty and practical things here on the blog. Today is going to be one of those practical things. Let’s talk about having a little perspective. It’s one of those things that’s hard to maintain when planning such a big event or even doing a major home renovation, like me, but it is an essential that will help keep everyone involved happy. Today I’m going to specifically talk about you keeping perspective when it comes to your wedding party.

Broke Bridesmaids

Image via Hudson Valley Magazine

That’s a broke bridesmaid up there. Yup, her friend the bride didn’t maintain perspective. What am I talking about? This blog idea came to mind when my Mother and I were chatting about a family member’s wedding coming up. Evidently the bridesmaids hadn’t thrown the bride a shower and it’s just weeks to the wedding. Some of you are thinking she doesn’t have good friends or that she didn’t download the handy bridesmaid check list up there in our free planning guide but knowing the inside scoop, I suspect they are simply broke.

Why? Well because the bride didn’t maintain perspective. She and her friends aren’t out of college yet which means shoestring budgets, ladies. You know what I’m talking about. Unfortunately for the ‘Maids’ the bride choose ridiculously overpriced bridesmaids dresses that can be ‘worn again’… UH! I hate that phrase. NO, brides, they will probably never wear them again unless you have given them an option to choose the dress and color. Sorry. That’s just the way it is. Anyway, ladies, if your bridesmaids have to spend a crazy amount of money on the dress, plus they need shoes, accessories, and if you aren’t paying for hair and makeup then that too. Did I mention the gift and travel costs?

If you’ve been in a wedding, you know they are expensive and although being by your bestie on her big day is important, so is keeping your credit card debt to a minim.

So brides, I ask that you keep some perspective as you plan. Know that the Maids attire won’t be the one thing that makes your wedding perfect. Having a good time and the fact that you have said ‘I do’ with the man of your dreams are the only two things that really, really matter.

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