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Hey girls hey. If you are looking for something special to give your fiancé, then you certainly want to check out Bellíntima. This isn’t your average boudoir session. You will look amazing and feel beautiful during and after your sophisticated and classy boudoir shoot. This would make the perfect gift for your fiancé! Gregory Byerline will be at the bride mixer on February 6th to talk more about bridal portraits and Bellíntima.

From Gregory Byerline, owner of Bellíntima: It’s been the artist’s muse since the birth of art itself. Carved into cave walls. Sculpted from Roman marble. Splashed across Renaissance canvases. History confirms it: the female form is a work of art, beauty fashioned by the Creator, who, I believe, saved the best for last.


Ponder that for a moment. After the stars and moon, after the sea and mountaintops, after the beautiful flora and fauna, and even after that dude called Adamthe Creator saved the very best for last, completing creation with Eve.

As if the Creator knew nothing else would surpass that final creation.

This is the inspiration for Bellíntima. To celebrate what I consider the pinnacle of creation: The work of art that is feminine.

The work of art that is you.


What is Bellíntima?
First off, a little help with the pronunciation may be in order. Ready? Put on your best Italian accent and say “be-LIN-ti-ma” (similar to bellissima). Now say it while raising a wine glass, real or imaginary, for the full effect.

Bellíntima is “intimate beauty” mysterious, exquisite, and uniquely feminine celebrated in artistic and respectful photographs to create a one-of-a-kind art piece and time capsule to relish for decades.

Being a husband to Meghann for nearly 16 years and father to two daughters who own my heart, my
perspective of femininity and how I capture that essence in a photograph is deeply rooted.

I understand that women possess an innate beauty to be cherished and celebrated. My task is to help bring it to the surface, captured in a few breathtaking glimpses, so you, as a woman, can do exactly that.

Why Bellíntima?
Because you are sophisticated fine art inherently.
Because today is the youngest day of the rest of your life.
Because your fashion sense also includes bedroom fashion.
Because you are a daughter of Eve.
Because you’re worth celebrating.

You are a masterpiece, breathtaking, authentic and unique.

The result? A celebratory experience you won’t want to forget and a timeless art piece that won’t allow you to.


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