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We stress the fact that your wedding photos are one of the few, if not only, tangible things you have left from your wedding. The food will be eaten, the music will stop, the wedding celebration will end, but those photos will capture those memories for years to come. One of those memories being you in your wedding dress. Some people consider bridal portraits a trend of the past; Gregory Byerline is going to tell you while they are and always will be timeless.

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From Gregory Byerline: With Valentine’s around the corner, it’s still holiday season. The season of love. With your recent engagement and upcoming ceremony day, you’rein full swing planning mode. As you’re planning, here are a few things to keep in mind regarding your photography…specifically your bridal portrait.



I believe bridal portraits are the most important portraits of a woman’s lifetime, meant to portray her at a pinnacle of her style and elegance. I also believe that the wedding dress is the most important, and often the most decadent, dress a woman will ever wear.

You now own the most amazing gown you’ve ever owned, with the most perfectly styled details than any other dress in your closet. You’re planning the most important day of your life. Now is the time to make the most important portrait of your life.

The Knot recently declared that “formal portraiture is back in style” (something I’ve been doing for years), and I redefine “formal” as fashionable, sophisticated, decadent, special.



Most wedding photography colleagues I know only offer bridal portraits because they feel they have to, even though they prefer photographing the couple and the wedding day festivities. And that’s awesome. They should shoot
what they love; not what they feel they have to shoot.

This is where a bridal portrait specialist serves the bride best.

Just like you hire a caterer and a cake decorator for your weddings day’s taste bud tantalization, seek out a photographer who specializes in bridal portraits. Though cakes and catering are both food, one specifically focuses their passion on one particular kind of food…the cake.

The same applies to photographers: both make photos, but one specifically focuses their passion on one person…the bride.

I live/eat/breathe bridal portraits. So much that I’ve intentionally focused my business specifically on elevating and celebrating brides in a rich bridal portrait experience.


Because I still adore my wife’s bridal portrait from nearly 16 years ago.

Because I want your groom to share that same feeling about you.

Because I want you to feel beautiful and honored and celebrated, in that oh-so-fabulous dress, for decades to come.

This is your time to be center stage and the focus of all attention and intention. Your bridal portrait is far too important to be an upsell or an after thought.

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