Wondering What To Do After A Bridal Show?

First and foremost, after a bridal show you should relax! Give your self a day or so to decompress and let your feet rest and your head stop spinning. Once you’ve gotten all zen, it’s time to sort. Uncork a nice bottle of wine or champagne and let’s get you started.

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First, if you read and followed our how to survive bridal show season blog you’re already a step ahead because you’ve already presorted the vendors. If you didn’t presort then now’s the time to filter out those vendors you don’t need because that category is booked or you just didn’t see as a fit.

Second, log on to your computer or iPad and begin perusing the vendor’s you liked online. Take not of what they have in their portfolio and hopefully they’ll have an idea about pricing online so you’ll know if they fit into your budget.

Third and finally, set up appointments to meet all the ones who’ve made your first two cuts. Speaking with a few vendors in each category will help you find those vendors that fit your style and personalities.

See that wasn’t so hard! AND remember if after following these steps you’re still overwhelmed, come see us! We’re always here to help and our services are free!

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