Wine Tasting w/ Joe Hendricks Photography

Thanks to Nashville wedding vendor Joe Hendricks and his lovely wife Rhonda of Joe Hendricks Photography and Cool Springs Wine and Spirits, Wedding 101 hosted a fun-filled and quite educational evening of white wine tasting.  Not only did I laugh a lot, but I gathered a few wine tasting tips which you might find helpful as you select your choices of wine for your rehearsal dinner and/or reception (or just for you!).

1. Swirl your wine before you taste to let the bouquet (the flavor) out.

2. Have bites of French bread in between wines to cleanse the palette, not cheese.

3. You want your wine and food in a boxing match with each other.  Example: Acidic whites work well with chicken, light fish, or Asian dishes.

4. Serve 1 white and 1 red to avoid guests fighting over favorites.

5.  Favorite tip: Wine Calculation for Wedding Receptions:  1-750ml bottle of wine for every 3 guests.

6.  If you are serving beer as well, you can get away with 1 bottle of wine for every 4 guests.  But More is Always Better!

We got to taste and rate 6 bottles of wine.  You won’t believe which one was everyone’s favorite… watch the video below and just think “inside” the box. 🙂


Thanks for providing the wine Cool Springs Wine and Spirits and for the tasting Joe.

If you missed the fun, look for more events coming to Wedding 101.

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