Will you be my Bridesmaid?

We carry in the studio a line of cards that is both practical and absolutely precious by Tallulah out of San Francisco, California.  If you are looking for a sweet way to ask all of those dearest friends and family to join your wedding party, these cards are perfect!  The card shown here is only one of several.  Will you be my flower girl? and Will you be my ring bearer? are others.  I love their simplicity in design and in wording.

In the same sweet way, these cards also offer a way to say THANK YOU to those you love and want to acknowledge on your wedding day.  “To my mother on my wedding day” or “To my groom on our wedding day”

Check out the whole line by clicking the link on Tallulah above.

Never regret that you didn’t express your heartfelt gratitude and joy for an event that could not come together without your maid of honor, grandmother, father, or anyone else who loves you dearly.


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