What to wear to a wedding? We gotcha!

Judging by the amount of wedding invitations I have received, I can conclude that Wedding season is in full swing! It seems that my weekends are quickly being filled with events to attend from bridal showers to engagement parties. If you know me, then you would know I am going to use this as an excuse to go shopping. I couldn’t just wear the same thing to every event. All of my friends have different themes for their weddings;  Some are hippies, and others are very traditional. Here at Wedding 101 we saw this “What to wear to a wedding?” dilemma as a fun blog idea, so we set out into Nashville, searching for the perfect dresses to wear to different styles of weddings. Below is what we found.

Our first stop was Blush Boutique. We found some festive sun dresses to be worn at spring and summer weddings. This yellow one that I am wearing below would be perfect for an outdoor country wedding. The colorful lace makes a statement and will help you show off this season’s tan. Add some pink or teal jewelry and comfortable wedges to complete the look. If you are feeling really country throw on your cowgirl boots and request the boot scoot boogie.

The next dress is a floral play suit. I have seen so many rompers that are great for a casual wedding. I would wear a romper for a destination/beach wedding because you wouldn’t have to worry about the wind. Rompers are an easy and comfortable alternative to a sundress. If you can pull off a full blown jumper then do it! I would style this with a long necklace and a fishtail braid.

The more traditional wedding invitation may say cocktail or evening attire. For a cocktail dress I would pull out my LBD and style with colorful accessories. You can even pull your hair back to show off your jewelry. Cocktail attire is short dresses while black tie or evening can require a long dress. You can check with your bride to clarify, or you can dress up a nice maxi dress. I chose this LBD below because I thought it was an appropriate length and would be great to wear again.

Now not every wedding is going to require you to get a fancy dress. In Nashville we have a growing “hipster” population. If the invitation says shoes optional that might be your hint. Personally I love flowy patterned dresses. The one I am wearing below I found at the Impeccable Pig located in Hillsboro. If you don’t consider yourself a “hipster” then adding a lace kimono to a dress you already own is an idea you could use. I would style this dress with jewelry from Pangea and loose waves for my hair. I would wear a ton of rings and some super cool earrings.

These are all options to wear to weddings this spring. However, there are a few things that should NEVER be worn at a wedding.

White- Wearing white to a wedding can be considered tacky and seem like you are trying to out stage the bride. Stay away from all shades of white for your own safety.
Sequins- There should be only one disco ball at this wedding. Unless the theme is Gatsby or Hollywood glamour save the sequins for another occasion.
This is not a night club- There will be children and grandparents at this event. If you could wear the dress to the bachelorette party then don’t wear it to the wedding. Even if you look amazing in it the bandage dress could be too short or too tight for the occasion.

I hope these tips and ideas from Wedding 101 will help you as you figure out what to wear to everyone’s nuptials this season. If anything, this article gives you an excuse to go shopping to find the perfect outfits to wear!

~Allie Herring and Keenan Peterson, our terrific Spring Interns and fashionistas!

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