What To Wear on your Wedding Day

Your dream comes true.  You’re engaged!!  Now what dress to wear!  Trying on dresses and finding that perfect gown is one of the most exciting and anxious experiences of planning a wedding.  You want to find just the right one, but there are SO many to choose from. Where to start?  Grab the bridal magazines and tear out the pictures of the gowns you like.  Peruse the web and print.  Don’t worry about whether you really will wear that particular gown or not; just collect pictures.  Then grab a glass of wine, lay all of the pictures out in front of you, and start looking for a pattern, meaning find the elements of a wedding dress that keep grabbing your eye.

Maybe it is the strapless, beaded bodice, a long train, the sash, etc.  You will start to see what you really like.  Then make a list of those specific details you definitely want in a gown, so that when you go shopping you don’t wander from what you really want. Here is some more useful information to use when finding that perfect gown.  As I was researching for my destination weddings blog entry, I came across a fantastic little cheat sheet for what wedding gown will make you glow and your guests OOHHH and AAHHH based on your body type.  Thought you might like to know! Broad Shoulders: Go for thin, spaghetti straps, v- or scoop necklines, or halter necks.  Avoid broad, wide-set straps, details on the shoulders, e.g. frills, flowers, of gathers. Narrow Shoulders: Go for thick, wide-set straps, wide horizontal necklines, and puff sleeves.  Avoid halter necks, cut-away shoulders, or very low v- or scoop necklines. Large Hips or Thighs: Go for plain matte fabrics, vertical seams on skirts, details on top half to draw the eye upwards.  Avoid bias-cut dresses, gathers at hip or thigh level, bows and flowers on hips, tummy, and behind. Tall Brides: Go for layered styles, horizontal details, wide dress styles.  Avoid very slim styles, vertical lines, and high headdresses. Petite Brides: Go for slim silhouette, details or decoration on top half, plain bottom half.  Avoid very large details, e.g. flowers and bows, wide sleeves, and decoration at floor level. Fuller-figured Brides: Go for simple styles in matte fabrics, medium to low necklines, vertical style lines.  Avoid frills, flounces, puff sleeves, very high necklines, shiny fabrics, and clingy fabrics. You can also go to http://tlc.discovery.com/tv/say-yes-dress/virtual-bridal-boutique/virtual-bridal-boutique.html to play designer as well w/ Say Yes to the Dress. Always remember it is your wedding dress to make you feel exquisite, not your mother’s, second-removed cousin’s, or saleslady’s dress.  It is your gown for your day! Happy Trying On!!!!

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