What Makes a Vintage Wedding Vintage?

Vintage is a wine term that has taken quite a vogue place in today’s wedding style.  The term vintage actually comes from winemaking.  According to wikipedia, “a vintage year [wine] is one in which an unusual set of climate and weather-related conditions combine to produce outstanding grapes, which make excellent wine.  Vintage has also been adopted by designers as well.   Whatever the definition, it surely has become the buzz word, especially in the wedding world.  It seems that every wedding site has vintage inspiration.  Of course, the actual meaning of vintage is different for every bride, ranging from rustic, casual outdoor charm to retro-chic.

Below is my ALL TIME FAVORITE 1950’s vintage wedding that I came across on The Bride’s Cafe and then found more eyecandy from the wedding on Pearls Events Blog.  Photography by Alisha Hurt Photography.

I love the ruffle on the train.
Note the 1950’s Couch and Her Elbow-length Gloves
The Bridesmaids’ Attire reflects the 1950’s as well.

To make your wedding vintage, the only tried and true rule is to use your favorite elements from the past. (To be precise, at least 25 years old!) Then apply them in your own savvy style for your wedding.

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