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After browsing (and pinning) several different Genesis Diamonds engagement rings onto my secret wedding board, I made my way over to their blog to find out more details and information about the different variations of diamonds. Well, I stumbled upon some fun blogs that told me what engagement rings I’d be more drawn to based on my personality! Very interesting…and it was true! What engagement ring are you?!

(Henri Daussi Engagement Rings found at Genesis Diamonds

Engagement rings, which often include diamonds but can also display other gemstones or be completely plain, can say a lot about a person. Since engagement rings are worn to be noticed, most women not only choose a ring they think is pretty, but that also represents them. You won’t find a withdrawn woman wearing a loud ring very often, nor will you see a dominant diva boasting a modest ring, however large or small the stone may be. Here is what your engagement ring might say about you.

Large or Ostentatious 

Jack Kelege KPR590 Diamond Engagement Ring

Rings with large diamonds or gemstones, thick rings, and rings with diamonds studded all over are more than asking for people to look. The bigger, glitzier, and showier the ring, the more attention it will draw. Those with big personalities will wear such rings, so if you have a similar ring, you are probably always the center of attention, like to be seen, and always make an entrance.


Small or Subtle
Genesis-diamonds-engagement-rings Genesis Designs W-ER7537 Diamond Engagement Ring

 If you are on the shy side, don’t like getting too much attention, and don’t like to make a fuss you probably have a small diamond ring, or one that is somewhat simple and subtle. Even larger stones have a way of becoming subtler when placed in modest settings. Your ring is beautiful and elegant, yet doesn’t shout: “look at me!”

Unique or Unusual
Michael B MB24X900150 Diamond Engagement Ring

You have never succumbed to peer pressure and have always done your own thing. There is no such thing as trends in your book; you buy what you like and wear what speaks to you. Your ring is not your typical diamond engagement ring but rather, a gemstone ring such as an emerald engagement ring, or one with rubies or sapphires. Your ring can also be retro style, vintage, or an unusual halo style ring.

Budget, culture, and location may plays parts in engagement ring decisions, but one’s personality probably plays the largest role. This piece of jewelry is a very sentimental item by nature, and so, it must be completely suitable for the wearer. It is similar to getting married in a wedding gown that is not compatible at all with the bride’s personal style. So the next time you meet a woman with a very obvious personality, glance at her engagement ring if she has one. It could be very interesting to see if the ring is a reflection of the personality.

Thanks to Genesis Diamonds for this great article! Be sure to head over to their website, Pinterest, and Facebook to stay up to date with giveaways and updates!

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