Wedding Guest Attire Demystified, courtesy of Wedding 101, Nashville, TN

What to wear to a wedding can be confusing, especially with all the various attire classifications these days. Wedding 101 of Nashville has created an easy to read infographic for your guests, including both women and men. We have covered it all from what to wear including the following wedding attire groups: Black Tie, White Tie, Formal or Black Tie Optional, Beach Formal, Semi-Formal or Dressy Casual, or just plain Casual.

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Wedding 101 of Nashville has hair and makeup experts available to help you or your guests match hair and makeup with their attire for the day.

Looking for a bridal gown? We have that covered too. Visit our Nashville bridal attire vendor page. Feel free this graphic to all of your wedding and reception guests so that they’ll know what to wear to your wedding day!

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