Behind the Scene Videography: How to Capture Special Details Before the Wedding Ceremony

Every bride deserves the dream wedding day of her life. “If you’re lucky, your wedding will happen only once, but that will be more than enough,” says Julia Johnson, one of the brides we interviewed for this article. A big part of making that possible is having competent professional help. Your videographers, for instance, will be in charge of not only doing your wedding video editing, they are also instrumental to capturing all the special moments on film for you and your family to cherish, in the years to come.

Most wedding videos will not be complete without the little behind-the-scenes looks at the preparation, before the ceremony. You need great shots of your wedding accessories such as your bouquet, shoes, and jewelry, as well as a couple of snaps of you in your dressing robe, makeup, and with your bridal entourage.
If you want everything in this behind-the-scenes montage to be perfect, you and your videographer should be on the same page, from start to finish.

Wedding Videography Tips

Decide on a Video Shot List

Your videographer knows which shots to take, but he or she may not know if you want some specific shots taken. For this reason, it is important to put together a list of all the shots that you want to be included. For instance, if there is a secret or hidden detail that is tucked away in, say, your wedding gown and you want that to be a focal point in your wedding video, let your videographer know. Also, if you have specific requests, make sure that they are communicated. What you want to include in your shots will greatly factor into the quality of the behind-the-scenes wedding video that you will get.

Sort out your Day Of Wedding Schedule

If you want your shot to start and end well, you need to iron out your schedule. You don’t want to feel frazzled throughout the preparation shoot and feel like you’re running out of time. Not only will that show in your video, but it may also set the wrong kind of tone for the entire day. This is why it is necessary to be as detailed as possible about the schedule. Plot how much time you’ll need for hair and makeup, and the according photo shoot, as well as all the other things that you need to do. If you want multiple shots throughout the whole preparation, be extra careful of planning your schedule.

Prepare in Advance

Speaking of schedule, make sure that nothing gets in the way of following that schedule to the tee, such as unintended mishaps with significant consequences. Get everything ready by putting all of them within easy and immediate access, when you need them. For example, if you want a photoshoot after you had your hair and makeup done but before you want to get into your dress, you want to see to it that you will have all those accessories right in the room with you. In this way, when it comes to proceeding to the next part of your schedule, you can successfully do so without any delays.

Plan Your Video Shoot Locations

. Many of the brides that we have spoken to said that where they had their wedding shots mattered in the final result. As such, scout for the best possible spots in or around your preparation venue and mark them in your schedule. This will streamline the flow of the event and help you make the most out of it. If you intend to visit multiple locations, this is even more important.

Keep Open Communication with Wedding Videographers

Simply stated, always communicate with your videographer. Some brides think that as soon as they do their half of the work, they can just zone out and let the shoot happen to them. But that’s not ideal for the best results. If you want a wedding video that will make you happy, be involved in its creation. Don’t hesitate to give comments and suggestions to your videographer, especially if you think that they are necessary. In the same way, listen to your videographer to facilitate easy and effective creative communication.

Have Fun

Don’t forget to enjoy your moment. We understand that the nerves may take over – and they have every right to, it’s your wedding day! – but just power through them and let yourself have fun. The most beautiful brides are those that had the most fun, and that will be apparent in your final video. So let go, trust in your team, and get ready to have the best day of your life!

Biography of Author
John O. Brooks is an English teacher by profession and he takes content writing as a part-time job. As a teacher, he makes use of videos in his class which are at times were personally made by him.


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