Wedding Color Palettes: The Meaning Of Green

As part of her summer project, our intern Carli did a little research on the meaning of colors. This searies will share her findings along with some beautiful inspiration boards! First up, GREEN!

Choosing the colors for your wedding can be a daunting task, as it will help determine so many aspects of your wedding along with the overall feeling of your special day. Colors have histories, meanings, associations, and physical effects on you and those around you that you may have never realized. So instead of starting with the colors you want to use you may want to decide on a feeling or mood you want on your big day and choose your colors accordingly! Colors have so much more power than you may think (did you know that apparently suicides on London’s Blackfriar Bride dropped 34% when they painted it green? Or that studies have shown that babies cry more in yellow rooms?) Over the next few weeks we are going to take a look at the psychology and history of seven different colors (green, yellow, blue, red, orange, pink, and purple).

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Green: If you are nervous about your big day or simply want you and your guests to feel comfortable and totally at ease, green may be the color for your wedding. If you’ve ever wondered why talk shows put their guests in a “green room” before interviewing them it’s because green has such a calming effect on people. Of all the colors, green is the easiest on your eyes and has even been said to help alleviate depression. Because we see green so much it can bring up feelings of safety and comfort. Green is associated with growth, safety, harmony, freshness, good luck, fertility, nature, virtue, and beauty. Because of its associations with fertility, green was the color of choice for wedding gowns in the 15th century. Green also brings up feelings of fresh life, hope, and new beginnings which are all also associated with weddings! Green is generally thought to be low-key because it is such a natural color, so if you are going for a glitz and glam feel at your wedding green is probably not the color for you. Also, green is generally not much of a “statement” color because we are so used to seeing it (unless, of course, you use neon green!). So if you like the calming effect of green but want to make a more in-your-face color statement think about pairing it with a bright turquoise or hot pink!
Sources: Psychology & Sensational Color

Thanks Carli! Who knew green was such an interesting color!?

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