Wedding Apps You’ll Love! Our Top Picks

So… As we all know from commercials and that random guy at that party who repeatedly quoted Apple’s commercials, “There’s an app for that.” There’s an app for just about everything, even weddings. I’ve found three that I would have found useful when I was planning my wedding and thought I’d share!

Image via Appy Couple

You’ve no doubt seen the Appy Couple on major blogs so I’m not going to go into much detail here. Basically it’s a app that you customize to your wedding for a paid fee (I haven’t been able to find pricing). Once created your guests can download your app for free. You also have the ability to create a custom website to share with those who aren’t on Apple or Android. The app is still in Beta meaning the beginning testing phase. You’ll have to get on the waiting list by requesting an invite until they fully launch.

Image via Wedding Snap

 Wedding Snap is an app that allows your guests to share all the photos they take at your wedding with you and all of your guests. You as the couple pay a fee to get access to an album you share with everyone. For guests with digital cameras, they can simply upload their images through the website so this app isn’t limited to just Apple and Android users. Although the apps site brags about replacing a Photobooth with this simple app, I can’t agree with that. I think this is a nice addition to your wedding but an app won’t replace the fun and entertainment that your guests will get from a photobooth. Pricing starts at $99.

Image via Wedding Scan

Wedding Scan allows you to register at multiple stores, send to friends and family, and keep track of your registry. ETIQUET ALERT: It is not okay to just blast this out to your guests! It is also not okay to add your registry link to your wedding or shower invites. You can let someone know where you are registered if they ask. Let your parents and close friends know so that if someone asks, they’ll have the answer. As far as I can tell, this is only available on Apple right now.

So there you have it. Three great apps to check out for your big day!

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