Wedding 101′s Card Catalogue

In the olden days, people went to the library and looked in the card catalogue to find the resources they needed to research a point of interest, to write a paper, or just to find a juicy novel. Today we all hit the computer and google-search away. But how to make sense of all the websites, blogs, comments, etc? It’s enough to make your head swim!

Here at Wedding 101 we have worked hard to harken the olden days and bring back the card catalogue AND the librarian that came with it to help you plan your wedding. (yep. finally the wedding connection.) Wedding 101 now has close to 70 vendors of every shape, size, style, and price to make your wedding day dreamy! We have pre-screened and hand-selected some of the finest vendors in the greater Nashville area and put their “books” on our shelves.

Wedding 101’s Library Shelves of Vendors

Not only can you connect with our vendors via our website, but you can join us in our beautiful library-like studio and find everyone. Photographers. Event Planners. Videographers. Floral Designers. Etc. Etc. Etc.

You can even “check out” our vendors with our new library card which I will introduce tomorrow. Check back to find out the fabulous details!

Happy Planning,


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