Wedding 101 Guest Post: Joe Hendricks Photography

Today Joe has an gorgeous post from a recent wedding at CJ’s Off the Square. Take it away Joe:

Driving through Franklin TN, I hear Rhonda yell out the window, “Jen!” At the stop light I see Mike and Jen running together on a hot afternoon, with head phones and ipods, pushing each other that extra mile. They got a big smile on their face, and we shouted a few encouraging words as the light changed to green.

I began thinking afterward, that there are people who get married for just being in love and there are people who are in love and push each other to be the best they can be. That’s the kind of couple that Mike and Jen are. Beautiful, happy, fun-loving and always pushing each other to be the best. Their wedding took place in April at CJ’s Off the Square in downtown Franklin TN. The wedding ran so smoothly, and their staff kept everyone on time so Mike and Jenn were able to relax – although, we know how hard it is to relax on your wedding day 😉Mike & Jen chose to have a “first look” before the ceremony, which allowed us to photograph more couple photos and also reduced the amount of photography time between ceremony & reception. Personal touches included Jen’s cowboy boots, a to-go candy bar for guests, and even a little tribute to “The Office” since they met at theirs!

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