Wed For Less

As many of you brides may know, weddings can be quite expensive. Wedding budgets can range from a couple of thousand dollars on up into the hundreds of thousands. We are launching this series to help those small budgets find Wedding attire at budget friendly prices. We hope you enjoy them!


Bride: Dress $268, Shoes $22.80
Bridesmaid: Dress $70, This little number can REALLY be worn again. Think outside the box. Any dress can be a bridesmaid dress. Shoes $22.80
Groom: Suit $149.99, Chances are that your groomsmen will end up paying about $150 for a rental tux anyway, so why not pick out a suit that they can keep and use again? Any dressy black shoe will do, your groomsmen may already have a pair or get a little funky and do some Black Converse like these from Target $29.99.  Tie $15.99

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