Wedding Dance Lessons. Bride & Groom First Dance. Mother & Son Dance. Father & Daughter Dance. Wedding Party Dance. We can customize your dance to any style and any music you choose. Creating stylish choreography to impress all your friends and family as Mr. and Mrs. for the first time. Giving you the skills to feel confident on the dance floor you will be sure to dance the night away!

5 thoughts on “Wedding Dance Lessons by Grassland Dance Academy”

  1. Maureen was amazing at teaching my soon to be husband and I. Never having any kind of dance experience she made us feel comfortable and taught the steps at an easy pace. She is full of energy and a delight to work with. We highly recommend her.

  2. Marshall & Caitlyn

    Grassland Dance Academy did a fantastic job with our first dance! A fun dance that was easy to learn and put my mind at ease knowing I was able to practice before getting out on the dance floor for the first time! Highly recommended.

  3. My fiance and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Maureen!!! She is absolutely amazing. We told her our songs/style and she did the rest. We can’t wait to bust out our moves during the first dance next month. 🙂 I can definitely check awesome first dance off my list!

  4. If you are getting married and want to freshen up your dance moves, call Maureen! Don’t call anyone else, and definitely don’t get reeled into signing up for any dance lesson packages from any other companies at any bridal fairs you might attend. We made that mistake, and after spending a bunch of money and getting very little for it, we found Maureen. The first company we tried kept promising we would learn more at some point, but kept us doing the same simple step or two and wouldn’t let us go beyond it to integrate other steps, turns, etc. They always said we would “get to that”, but it was always linked to us buying more and more lessons.

    Within two weeks, Maureen helped us choreograph, from scratch, an entire (and really amazing and fun) dance to our song of choice for the first dance at our wedding! She also taught us at least 3 other dances we could use with the music we were having at our wedding. Maureen made it so easy and we had so much fun doing it. She is so talented and she is a ball of energy with a very sweet spirit! Worth every single penny!

  5. Maureen was absolutely incredible to work with on our first dance – she went above and beyond to make us feel welcome and comfortable at the dance studio and was prepared with the choreography and music when we arrived. We learned our fun and upbeat first dance in that hour lesson and she videotaped us at the end so we could keep practicing at home. She was patient with us, listened to any questions or concerns we had, and was full of energy the whole time! I contacted several different vendors about dance lessons for our weddings so I feel very confident saying that all you get for your money with Maureen is an absolute STEAL!! She is so incredibly worth the small amount she charges and is a fantastic vendor to work with! We could not recommend her more highly 🙂

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