Springtree Farms is a stunningly beautiful, 100-acre estate framed by the majestic reaches of the Cumberland Plateau. We offer a magical setting and excellent service for the couple seeking an outdoor venue. We specialize in weekend weddings where family and friends have a blast from rehearsal to reception.

Contact Information

Kathy Tarr

Street Address:214 East Valley Road, Pikeville, TN 37367

Phone Number: 865 622 9775

Email Address: ktarr@springtreefarms.com

Website Link: http://www.springtreefarms.com

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/springtreefarmsvenue

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/springtreefarms

Pinterest Link: https://www.pinterest.com/springtreefarms/

Instagram Link: http://instagram.com/springtreefarms/

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRjUQFVrS_TaaXzlQOjGT0Q

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  1. “Since the very first day I met Ms. Kathy, venue owner & wedding coordinator, I immediately felt the peace that I will be well taken care of. It was in a Pink Bridal Show in Nashville when I got acquainted with Springtree farms. My fiancé and I already went to 3 different outdoor Nashville venues but haven’t really felt that feeling of “this is it.” During the Bridal Show, I will not forget the enthusiasm and flexibility that Ms. Kathy and her crew greeted me. I was limited with the time I can schedule for a venue tour but Ms. Kathy made a promise that she will contact me by the end of that day and make sure she can work around her schedule to meet with me and my fiancé for a venue tour. Venue tour appointment day.. talk about flexibility!! coming from Nashville, which is 2 hrs away, My fiancé and I were late for almost 2 hours for our appointment! Ms. Kathy was on the phone with me helping us find our way, and even sent a guy to help us get to the venue even we were way over the opposite side of the town. When we arrived to the venue, Ms. Kathy greeted us with a warm welcome as if we were not late for our appointment. Our venue tour was great and humbling! Ms. Kathy didn’t focus on giving the sales talk about the venue, she was more interested of our relationship and our story..and YES, it didn’t take much time and thinking, that feeling of “this is it” came to my fiancé and I. That day, we didn’t only booked a venue and set our date, we even got a mentor, Ms. Kathy, that prayed for us for our wedding planning and marriage before we left the property. *insert happy tears* Now we are in the process of getting into more detail of our wedding. Ms. Kathy has been by our side contacting and physically accompanying us to our vendor meetings. She made sure that the vendors we are booking are vendors she is familiar with and has seen their work. Very grateful for the personal relationship we made with Springtree. Excited!” Wedding October 4, 2015

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