Britt is fine art with a five o’clock shadow – a pour your heart out, right-on-the-lips, rule-breaking sentimentalist who loves a good story. If you want your wedding day captured with artistic flare, Britt can deliver. See more at

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  1. Hiring Britt for our wedding was the best decision and investment that we made. Not only did we get to work with someone who had a natural eye, true knowledge of light and composition, and authentic talent – but the huge bonus was how much we truly liked him! Funny and laid-back, Britt made what could’ve been a stressful day very fun and easy – we laughed all day! We are somewhat hard to please people, but we were THRILLED with our photos & video.

  2. We are so happy we chose to go with Britt Simmons for our engagement and wedding photography! Neither one of us is used to being in front of the camera a lot, but Britt always did a great job of making us feel comfortable. We also felt it was very important that nobody really “noticed” the photographer during our ceremony and reception and I almost didn’t know he was there! There are so many pictures I was surprised to see because I didn’t even realize he was capturing those moments! Britt worked so hard to make sure he took all the pictures we wanted taken and more and we couldn’t be happier with the results!

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