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Olive Juice Press is a letterpress and design studio that specializes in boutique wedding invitations and paper goods. We listen to stories, custom design stationery, and print the old fashioned way using an antique cast iron printing press. All of our invitations are letterpress printed on luxuriously thick cotton paper bringing a chic elegance to your wedding ephemera.

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Contact Information

Contact Name: Anna Brown

Phone Number: 615-924-3905

Email Address: info@olivejuicepress.com

Website Link: www.olivejuicepress.com

Facebook Link: www.facebook.com/olivejuiceletterpress

Twitter Link: www.twitter.com/olivejuicepress

Pinterest Link: www.pinterest.com/olivejuicepress

Instagram Link: www.instagram.com/olivejuicepress

Vimeo Link: https://vimeo.com/user37148103


2 thoughts on “Olive Juice Press”

  1. “Working with Olive Juice Press was one of the easiest parts of planning my wedding. The entire process was enjoyable and I wouldn’t have changed one thing about it. The design and quality of my invitations was exactly what I wanted and I received several compliments on them. I would recommend Olive Juice Press to any bride. The owner, Anna Brown, will do whatever it takes to make sure your invitations are what you want. I recommend her to all my friends getting married, who need invitations for various reasons or who needs personal stationary. I am always impressed with what she creates and can’t wait for my next chance to get to work together!”
    — Allison (Fulmer) Mahan

  2. “I have used Olive Juice Press on multiple occasions, but it all started with my wedding invitations. Anna did such a wonderful job capturing the essence of my wedding through the invitations. She was as detail-oriented as I was, and she worked with me to make sure they were everything I wanted. Since then I have referred all of my friends to Olive Juice Press as everyone adored her work. I have ordered stationary, Christmas cards, and personal cards from her, and I continue to be amazed. Everything she makes has this impeccably classy yet creative touch that I could not have even imagined before. Thank you, Anna, for dreaming with me and delivering beautiful piece after beautiful piece. ”
    — Laura (Leeson) Edwards

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