Evan’s Family Kitchen and Catering

Evans Catering provides great southern appealing cuisine with consistent sensational taste, spectacular presentation/set-up, and quality service. ECS has the versatility and flexibility to serve diverse menus at various venues. Our service includes license bartenders, wait staff, professional (ABC), event coordinators, and wedding planners to assist with all types of event details. Our team’s goal is to give a tasteful, heart-warming and unforgettable experience.

Additional Information:
ECS is also a proud supporter of House of Healing Ministries a 501c3 organization and its’ “Food to Feed” program for elderly and children.

Contact Information

Company name: Evans’ Family Kitchen & Catering

Phone: 615 578-1837

Website: https://www.evanscateringservice.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/evansfamilykitchen