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You know that your wedding day is not just a party, it’s the beginning of your marriage. It’s the beginning of your family. And just like you wouldn’t show up to your wedding day and ‘hope’ it all came together, you refuse to just wing your marriage.

Marie and Mark are the owners of Nashville Marriage Studio. They are down-to-earth marriage coaches focused on helping the engaged couples lay the foundation for their “Happily Ever After.” Marriage is an amazing experience, and with humor and insight Mark and Marie help you and your fiancee uncover your best selves.

Using Marriage Prep School, curriculum custom designed by Marie, you will begin the process of learning the communication & conflict resolution skills that are sure to keep your love alive. You will discuss everything from the families you both came from to who is responsible for folding the laundry. Going through Marriage Prep School with Mark and Marie is a great way to prepare for the biggest decision of your life.

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Marie McKinney Oates, Counselor


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