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Fanciful Ink offers completely custom designs to emphasize you as a couple and your celebration of marriage. The details of your wedding are the backbone of your invitation design. Fanciful Ink will help you execute a beautiful impression in the first piece of décor your guests see – your invitation!

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Contact Name: Laurie Montgomery

Phone Number: 615.512.4670

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7 thoughts on “Fanciful Ink Design”

  1. If you’re looking for a print & design service company, then Fanciful Ink is the place to go. They consistently do great work, go above & beyond the call of duty and accommodate any need you may possibly have. In my mind, Laurie has set the benchmark for every other printing/design service in Nashville. I would recommend Fanciful Ink to ANY bride without reservation. Laurie’s design work is impeccable and her attention to detail flawless. She put up with my numerous upon numerous revisions and always emails me back within a couple of hours! Laurie also worked very hard to stay at or below my budget for all of my projects without ever compromising the quality. Laurie created the most beautiful and elegant invitations for us, adorned with a monogram surrounded by a magnolia leaf wreath at the top. The quality of printing for the cost, coupled with the great customer service we received from Fanciful Ink made this one of the best and easiest aspects of wedding planning.Laurie of Fanciful Ink made wedding paper design a true pleasure. My fiance and I were looking to design our own invitations and were referred to Fanciful Ink by a friend of mine. Laurie was more than excited to work with general “ideas” of ours and delivered a gorgeous, extremely high-quality, invitation set to fit our palette and theme. Laurie showed us tons of paper, ink, and printing samples. Her in-home studio is darling and chic and there are tons of real invitations and designs to get inspiration from. After going through the invitation process with Laurie I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for custom made invitations. The Fanciful Ink prices are unbeatable for the quality and true customization of the invitation.

  2. Tiffany Crowder

    Dear Laurie:
    Please accept my compliments for the invitations you designed for my fall 2012 wedding. I can honestly say that my invitations were exactly what I envisioned. Once we met at the Her Bridal Event and I saw your work on display, I knew your design was the touch of elegance I was looking for. You really took the time to work with me 1 on 1 to create an invitation that proved to be the talk of my guests. It generated a lot of excitement and was a beautiful introduction to the theme of the wedding, Simple Elegance.
    After our initial meeting, I felt comfortable and confident in your abilities to capture the exact color scheme I wanted with a look that would be complimentary to my taste and you delivered! I received countless calls and pleasant remarks about how ‘beautiful’ the invitations were. Your style and technique exceeded my expectations. I was really impressed with your patience as you listened to my ideas and presented samples for my review. As a bride, you really want to work with someone who can accommodate the changes that may occur, even those you cannot control. I want to acknowledge how flexible you were in meeting my schedule and preferences for the printing and delivery of the invitations. You are very pleasant to work with and I would recommend Fanciful Ink for any event, not just weddings!
    Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity. Your skills made a world of difference for my wedding! If it appears this letter is giving you a lot of praise for your work, than I met my goal! I definitely want others to know about Fanciful Ink and experience having a personal vision come to life. I will definitely be recommending you and contacting you for your services in the future.

  3. Laurie at Fanciful Ink did an amazing job with my invitations and programs! I didn’t just want a cookie cutter invitation straight out of book. Laurie sat down with me and let me tell her exactly what I wanted – from color to style. She even designed a monogram that I used on wedding favors! Everything came out perfect and I still have people who tell me how much they loved my invitations. I highly recommend using Fanciful Ink to make your wedding invitations unique and gorgeous!

  4. When it comes to Fanciful Ink, I got everything I wanted and more! Everything was custom made, and all of my graphic needs were made to fit my wedding theme as well as my personality. There was such a personal touch in everything that was done. Without a doubt, you will not be disappointed in Fanciful Ink!

  5. Laurie at Fanciful Ink is creative, helpful and efficient. With all the stresses of a wedding I knew the printed materials I had designed customly were not a worry because I had Fanciful Ink. I have continued to get custom sationery after our wedding from Fanciful Ink.

  6. April (Lankford) Pickle

    Becoming a Fanciful Ink bride was one of the best wedding decisions I made. Laurie is super easy to work with and wants the design experience to be fun and easy. Laurie is laid back and takes the stress of invitations completely away from the bride. Laurie worked with me one on one over the phone, through emails, and face to face consultations. I was able to tell Laurie exactly what I imagined our invitations to look like and somehow she put it right onto paper. The invitations were original, classic and elegant. The wedding was almost a year ago and I am still receiving compliments on our invitations. Thank you, Fanciful Ink, for the wonderful and unforgettable experience.

  7. Erica (Rogers) Thomas

    Our wedding stationary was such a fun experience, and working with Laurie made it that much more enjoyable. I’ve noticed a lot of couples turning away from the traditional invitations, RSVP’s and programs — it’s such a travesty! There is something to be said for a beautiful piece of artwork that will represent the tone and theme of your Special Day. (Plus, it’s a great keepsake for all your family and friends!)
    My husband and I were married at the Loveless Barn. When we went to visit for the first time, they had a beautiful chandelier hanging up from a previous event. Without question, I wanted to incorporate the chandelier in our wedding. When I sat down with Laurie and expressed my vision, she was all on board. Working from a photo the Loveless chandelier, she captured the elegance and beauty I wanted to convey.
    Completely unique to our vision, I couldn’t find a better invitation even if I tried. Laurie was such a pleasure to work with and I loved every step of the design process. Thank you, Fanciful Ink!

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