Vendor Spotlight { The Chef & I }

Calling all foodies long and far. Are you looking for personalized and delectable catering? We have the perfect husband and wife team for you. We caught up with Erica of The Chef and I, one of our amazing vendors. Check out what they had to say about their food, wedding experience, and of course their amazing company.


1. What made you get started in the wedding industry?

The Chef and I is a love story, and we are naturally drawn to other folks in love! As a

major catering company in Nashville, we do about 350 events a year, and at least 40%

of those events are weddings. We are known for capturing the essence of the couple’s

relationships through completely tailored menus. We want their food to tell a story.

2. What do you like most about working weddings?

For us, it’s such a thrill when the bride and groom actually get a chance to breathe, sit

down together, and eat. We love seeing the looks on their faces when we know we’ve

nailed it, and we love being near them as they celebrate one of the most important and

happy days of their lives! We also love getting to know the guests and their families, and

often by the end, we feel like part of the family as well!

3. What’s the craziest thing that has happened to you while working a wedding?

With seven years and multiple weddings every weekend, there are many, many stories.

Serving in the pitch dark in the woods was one of the hardest/craziest things we’ve had

to do. Also, once at a wedding, a woman’s dress caught on fire and one of the

groomsmen saved her by tackling her with an area rug to put out the flames. We’ve

seen cakes melt and décor/lighting come crashing down. And then, there’s the time that

a 10 year old decided to take the entire beef tenderloin (meant to feed about 30 people)

from the carving station, over to his seat for himself and started eating it. Yes, we’ve

seen it all!

4. What’s the best advice you can give to a bride?

Remember to cherish each moment with your loved ones. Don’t stress the details as

much as you might be inclined to do. Remember that some folks came a long way just

to get the chance to possibly chat with you for a few minutes. Be sure to visit with each

loved one, and spend more time together at the wedding! Too often we see couples torn

in different directions-enjoy it together, and make sure candid photos are taken, and

maybe video to really capture all of the memories you can! Also, bring comfortable

shoes to change into, even if you stay in your wedding dress! And of course, be sure to

thank your wedding vendors who have worked tirelessly for you!

5. What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not busy with work?

The chef (Chris Rains, my husband) and I love to travel on short trips. We enjoy

being with family (Olivia, Chris’s daughter/my stepdaughter is 17 and we often have

family adventures!!) and playing with our sweet dogs, Star and Luna. I also love

dancing and working out, singing, and spending time with friends. We both love the

beach, and Vegas!

6. What’s your favorite food, animal, and color? Why?!

Food: Crab legs. I only have them every few months and each time is such a treat!

Animal: Horse: I have been an equestrian since I was a small child, competing and

riding in the hunter/jumper discipline primarily, with experience also in eventing and

barrel racing.

Color: SPARKLE! Everyone that knows me knows that sparkles are my brand, and I

usually have something sparkly on my clothes, or even on my face! Life is short, might

as well be sparkly!

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