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Here at Wedding 101 we work with SO many talented vendors, and we love getting to know them! We want you to get to know them too, so we’re going to start highlighting individual vendors on our blog throughout the week! First up, we have a very talented photography couple who own and operate psalm27creative! Meet the Guillory Family…

Photo Credit – Family Photos by Joanna Marie Morris

1. What made you get started in the wedding industry?

Garrett: Getting married! We have both had a love of photography for years – I enjoyed dabbling in film photography throughout my travels and time overseas. Mary Clark has a degree in fine art photography, experience with both digital and darkroom, and had been doing portraits for years. But she had been a bit intimidated of taking on weddings by herself. Once we got married we had a different perspective and realized that we could take on weddings together as a team. The awesome part is that our styles really complement each other. I like to photograph the details, settings, and people from afar, and Mary Clark loves to be right in the middle of the people, the relationships, and the moments that are happening.

Mary Clark: Yep. After meeting Garrett, falling in love, and planning our own wedding, I realized how much I love the whole wedding process – from the planning, to the wedding day, to creating an album to tell the story after the wedding. We really believe in the sanctity of marriage and cherish our own wedding-day memories, and this is why we wanted to specialize in wedding photography, focusing on the experience as well as the memories. We had great wedding vendors for our own wedding, but the overall experience was overwhelming and stressful to say the least. I took on way too many projects, and got far too caught up in all the minute details. I love the idea of trying to make that whole experience a little more relaxing and fun for other couples. Because at the end of the day, what really matters is marrying your love, and celebrating with all the people who are most important to you. Those are the memories that matter. And that’s the story we want to capture.

2. What do you like most about working weddings?

Garrett: The people and relationships – without question. We like getting to know each couple and hanging out with them. From that initial meeting, to the engagement session, to the wedding day, to the presentation of the photographs after the wedding – we try to take advantage of every opportunity to spend time with and invest in each couple. We want it to be a really enjoyable and special experience for them.

Mary Clark: Definitely. We have such amazing clients and we love spending time with them! I couldn’t imagine anything better than a job that allows us to get to love and serve people. Plus – I get to work with my best friend!

3. What’s the craziest thing that has ever happened to you while working a wedding?

Garrett: We have had a couple of weddings where vendors or other important people haven’t showed up or have been late. There have been a couple times we have had to jump in to transport an item to the ceremony, or set up chairs and decorations – not exactly our forte, but we were happy to help!

Mary Clark: We’ve also had a couple of extreme weather situations. One wedding at high noon in the heat of summer where we thought a few guests may pass out. Luckily the bride had anticipated the heat and made programs that doubled as fans. And then there was an unexpected snow at an outdoor wedding in March. The bridesmaids were all shivering in their short strapless dresses while the guests were in huge coats and parkas. That was a pretty funny sight. We also had a vineyard wedding with a downpour so hard that guests couldn’t navigate the roads up to the venue. The lovely part about that one was that the rain cleared up right before the ceremony, all the guests arrived, and there was a beautiful rainbow in the background!

4. What’s the best advice you can give to a bride?

Garrett: I’ll let Mary Clark take this one!

Mary Clark: Focus on what’s important – your husband-to-be, your future marriage, your family and friends. Don’t neglect your groom or your relationship during all the wedding planning. Don’t take on too many projects. Ask for help when you do. Soak up all the time with your family and friends. Try with all your might not to stress. Spend time with your man. Go on dates. Know that no matter how much you plan, something will go wrong. At the end of the day, you will be married, and that is what’s important. Enjoy your day and look forward to what’s to come. Marriage is awesome!

5. What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not busy with work?

Garrett: We really like to host and have people over to our house for good food and fellowship. I like to grill and smoke meat and Mary Clark makes amazing cupcakes and other baked goods. We also enjoy playing board games with friends.

Mary Clark: And when he says board games he means strategy board games. Yes. We are huge nerds. But we love it! Of course I also have to mention the tiniest member of psalm27creative – our 8 month old, Acadiana Grace. She is quite possibly the most adorable and funniest baby girl ever. We are not at all biased. I love being her mommy and spending time with her. I do an awesome recitation of “Where’s My Nose?”!

6. What’s your favorite food, animal, and color? Why?!

Garrett: My favorite food is a good hamburger. My favorite animal is an English Mastiff (someday I will convince Mary Clark that we need one). My favorite color is blue.

Mary Clark: My favorite food is either pizza or cake with frosting, depending on my mood and whether I want a salty or sweet treat. My favorite animal is a zebra because I think they are just beautiful, unique creatures. And my favorite color is mint green, because it makes me feel relaxed and happy at the same time (it’s also the color of our nursery).

Now that you know a little about Mary Clark and Garrett of psalm27creative, let us help you set up a meeting with them to talk about your wedding photography! Just give us a call at the studio (615.988.2494) so we can help you connect with this sweet couple!

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