Vendor Spotlight, Olia Zavozina

Olia Zavozina, born in Russia and now a Nashville based fashion designer, began her journey by leaving her hometown at the age of 18 and has been traveling and exploring the world of fashion ever since. Her unique and beautiful designs have inspired women since she started her own label, at the young and tender age of just 20.

Wedding 101 is proud to announce that Olia will have a permanent gallery inside Wedding 101 in the next few weeks!!! You will be able to view and try on these beautiful one of a kind pieces here at our studio!

Jeff & Heidi Wedding

Designing beautiful garments that show your personality though design, color and texture is a passion of Olia’s. Her goal is to build relationships with her customers that is based on much more than just a sale. The foundation of Olia’s line is based on the concept that quality goods and excellent service will yield both rewarding careers and financial success. Come by and take a look at these amazing dresses for yourself!

Olia Zavozina
Nashville, TN
Call: 615.415.6576

Photos by:,, and Gray Photography respectively.

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