Unique Wedding Party Favors

Party favors can be fun, but they can also be stressful. Either you are worrying about the price or still trying to figure out the right gifts for your guests. The possibilities for wedding favors are never ending. It can be a struggle to find a gift that your guests will actually use or appreciate.

Plus, if you are a Wedding 101 bride we know you want your wedding to be unique. This isn’t your cousin’s wedding; this is yours. Hopefully one of these options will catch your eye or spark your interest.

Destination wedding. Show some local flare. For our Nashville brides you could give your guests some GoGo Clusters or Colts Chocolate. If you are having a country wedding, perhaps some Loveless Cafe jam or bottled sweet tea. Really spotlight your location with your favors.
Music City. Give your guests a copy of your wedding playlist. A great idea would be an explanation on the inside cover about why you chose some of the songs. If you both have a love for the Beatles or met at a U2 concert let your guests know your story.

Plug in your season or theme. If you are having a spring wedding give your guests some seeds or a potted plant. Wedding in the summer? Give your guests some sunglasses, lemonade, or fans.

Wedding in the fall? Your guests would love some miniature pies or a caramel apple. Wedding in the winter? Make a s’mores kit or give away your favorite hot chocolate recipes.

Show your personality. A great gift could show the couples past or future. If your fiancé is from Canada give your guests some maple syrup. If both you graduated from the same college maybe getting sugar cookies in the shape of the mascot would be a great idea.

Donate to Charity. Instead of having your guests receive a gift you could tell them they are instead giving one. On a printed piece of paper let them know they are donating $2 per person to the charity of you and your fiancé are passionate about.

Everyone loves food. Give your guest a midnight snack of vintage soda or donuts. Incorporating the gift into your dessert table could be an inexpensive favor idea and prevent a ton of leftovers. Buy candy that matches the color of your wedding and place them in tall jars. Then allow guests to fill bags with as much as they want to take home.

Another wonderful blog post by our wonderful intern, Allie Herring.

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