Unique Seating Chart Ideas

Love them or hate them, seating charts are often necessary to ensure proper food service at wedding receptions. While the process of actually assigning seats can be a bit boring, the seating chart display does not have to be! There are tons of great new ideas out there for original and creative seating charts- many that you can DIY! Read on to see some of our favorites!

This window seating chart doubles as a beautiful, rustic decor piece! This look can be easily achieved with an old window and a paint pen, and can make a great keepsake for the couple after the wedding.

How pretty are these vintage keys? The keys can found at places like flea markets, vintage stores, or Etsy and individually tagged with each guest’s name and table number. Best of all, they make a cute takeaway for your guests!

These paper airplane maps are such a creative and inexpensive idea! Consider adding a luggage tag with your guest’s name that doubles as a favor. This is one DIY project your Groom might actually enjoy helping with!

But what if you are having a small wedding or a buffet? There are certain situations where a seating chart is completely optional! We love the idea of a cute sign like this one to let your guests know they can sit anywhere they’d like!

Hopefully these ideas gave you some inspiration for your own seating chart! We are positive one of our great Event Designers can help you bring any of these ideas or your own vision to life!

Are you doing using a seating chart at your wedding? How do you plan to display it? We’d love to hear your ideas!

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