{Unique Ideas} A Night To Die For!

We met with the guys at Snyder Entertainment, and they were sharing some of their newest services with us! I am so excited that they have started doing Murder Mystery parties! You may think I am crazy for even talking about this on a wedding blog, but this completely custom themed party would be a perfect addition to your rehearsal dinner, engagement party, or bachelorette party! I’ll let Brad tell you more! 
In the entertainment business the ultimate goal is to create moments for you and all those who attend our events.  Moments that you will never forget and may actually define a period in your life.  Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, corporate retreat, or just a night out, our job is to put the elements in place that make magic happen. Photo booths, Instagram Print Stations, a great DJ set, or a hot lighting design are ways that we have been doing this for years.  But what is the next step?  We think it’s Murder!  Murder Mystery Theater has been around for a long time and isn’t necessarily a new idea but it’s surprising at how many people haven’t had the experience yet.  Imagine walking into a friends engagement party at a local restaurant only to be pulled into a  Murder Mystery that unfolds around you as you eat?  Or perhaps putting on your best flapper dress and going to an old theater that harkens back to the 1940’s only to find that someone has died during dinner and now you’re involved in the investigation?  Here in middle Tennessee you probably have not been able to have that experience.  That is where Snyder Entertainment comes in. In an effort to continue to create those life defining moments for you; Snyder Entertainment now offers Murder Mystery Dinner.  We can transport you and your guests into any situation or time period you choose.  For your wedding we can provide you with “till death do us part” or perhaps a mobster speakeasy.  How about dressing up for a sock hop in a “dance with death”?  Perhaps you want a customized theme written just for you or your group.  Done! The beautiful thing about Snyder Entertainments Murder Mystery Dinner is that it doesn’t matter if your group is 20 or 500 people strong.  We have the actors that can do it all in any situation imaginable.  This is a entertainment experience that comes to you and is tailored to fit any situation.  Let us create a package for your event that you will never forget!  You can pair a event where your guests dress up for the Murder Mystery with a photo booth and roaming photographerto capture the entire night forever.  Or bring your corporate business to one of our Great Gatsbypackages and spend the evening solving a murder and then dancing the night away in your best gown or tux (provided by Street Tuxedo of course) to the sweet sounds of the roaring 20’s! We are teaming up with several of the best venues in Nashville to provide Murder Mystery packages that take all the work out of the event for you.  Or if you prefer something on the smaller scale let us bring the show straight to your home!  Check out our website atwww.murdermysterydinner.net and call us today.  One thing that is certain is that we will make this a night to die for!

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