{Unique Idea} Wedding Time Capsule

Wedding Time Capsule

Your wedding day is a very exciting day that you will want to hold on to forever. It is full of exciting moments from the day you get engaged to planning your wedding, picking out your dress, and finally walking down the aisle to marry your best friend. What if you could hold on to these moments for life?

A wedding time capsule is a great way to savor these moments forever. You can open it up on a specific anniversary, every 5 or 10 years, or whenever you want. You will have a blast creating it, and it will turn into a fun flashback to one of the happiest days of your life.

Here are some ideas on items you could include in your Time Capsule!




Copy of your vows

Your love story

Vile with the perfume she wore and the cologne he wore

Your wedding gift registry

Copy of your wedding license

Music from your wedding day

Trinket from your wedding night

Pressed flower from your bouquet

Souvenir from your honeymoon

Messages from your guests at your wedding

The newspaper from the day you got married

A love letter to be opened on predetermined date

Bottle of wine or champagne with two glasses from your wedding day

Something fun from your bachelor/bachelorette party

A wish or a prayer from a bride and the groom to each other

A USB or CD with pictures of your engagement, the planning process,

bachelorette/bachelor party, wedding day, and your honeymoon.

Once you have filled it, write a letter to your future selves and seal the time capsule. Decide on when you want to open the time capsule.

Now you have memories for a lifetime. Once you open it, you can always reseal it for later down the road. Your kids and even grandkids.

– Keenan Peterson, Wedding 101 Intern

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