Unique Gift for the Bride and Groom

Have you ever been invited to a wedding and wondered, “What can I get them that is unique, personal, and memorable?” Do you know of a Bride and Groom that would adore a book full of their grandmothers favorite recipes? If so then Forever Memory Books are the perfect gift!

Paula Emmons owns a local business that does just that. She combines favorite recipes, quotes, and photos to make memorable recipe books.

Paula says, “As a graphic designer, I will help you create a very unique recipe book for the bride and groom. The concept of the book is simple . . . I have created a fun “how to” recipe section called “How to Boil Water Without Burning it!” Added to this section is a small collection of recipes very special to the bride’s and groom’s family. Included on the page are captions describing the recipe or who submitted the recipe. You will want to include whatever it is that makes the recipe special. Add some photos of perhaps the bridal shower, engagement pics or a wedding shot and voila! – a personalized, custom, first recipe book for the new family! Ready to get started? Go to the Silver Edition and let your imagination run!”

To find out more go to Paula’s website!

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