Top Tips On Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress

This year is a leap year. That means that you brides have one more day to plan than brides that are getting married in a non-leap year. Use this extra day wisely. Use it to plan or use it to relax a bit more. Either way, enjoy it!

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Today we’re talking top tips on finding the perfect wedding dress. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be glowing in your dress in no time at all!

  1. Even though it’s tempting to try on dresses before you’ve got everything set, don’t. Wait until you know the date, time, and place before you shop. You’ll want your dress details to reflect the style of your wedding.
  2. Make an appointment. Shops want to give you the personal service you deserve. In order for them to do that, they need to know you’re coming so they can give you all their attention.
  3. Leave the crowd at home. Having your Mom and bestie with you is always a good idea but any more than that and you’ll get so many opinions you’ll be overwhelmed and even more confused.
  4. Shop on weekdays. Weekdays are generally slower that Saturdays so plan your shopping day out in advance and ask off from work. This will keep you from being rushed and you’ll get even better service.
  5. Wear full bottomed undies. I know we’ve mentioned this before but it never hurts to repeat it. Associates will be binding you into dresses, fluffing underskirts, and adjusting fabric. Be considerate by covering up conservatively.
  6. Try it on. No really. Even if you don’t think the dress will look good on your shape, you won’t know until you try. Be open minded and listen to the associate. She’ll know the inventory well and will be able to pull flattering dresses you may have never even considered.
  7. Don’t overwhelm yourself by setting up too many appointments. One or two dress shops in a day is plenty. Trying on those beautiful dresses is fun but it’s also exhausting so make sure you haven’t scheduled too many in one day.
  8. Think about visiting trunk shows, sample sales, and even consignment shops & sales to get a great deal on a gown.
  9. Consider other costs. If the dress you love doesn’t have a built in corset, don’t forget to add in the costs of great fitting flesh toned undergarments. Alterations can add up and chances are, your dress will need some so try to come in a few hundred dollars under budget to leave room for changes. Accessories can also add up. If you don’t want them no problem but veils can go for between $50 – $200 so keep that in mind as well.

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