Top 8 Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Getting married soon and still trying to come up with a legendary gift for your groomsman? A gift bag is a terrific way to go to say thank you to your best pals. We’re not talking just any run of the mill gift bag. Your closest friends deserve a little creativity and personalization when it comes to thanking them for being an irreplaceable part of the most important day of your life. Whether you’re having a local or a destination wedding, your groomsmen will greatly appreciate the effort in giving them a thoughtful gift bag. It doesn’t need to be full of the most expensive items, just items that you know each of your friends will enjoy. To help you choose the right gift bag items for your wedding party pals, here are the top 8 groomsmen gifts.

The Best Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Liquor Bag
Handyman Kit

Groomsmen Gifts #1 Liquor Bag

If you and your friends enjoy drinking, you can give them mini liquor bottles in a gift bag. This is an inexpensive option that is also fun and useful. Aside from the miniature bottles, you can include a personalized flask or beer mug that they can proudly use at home.

Groomsmen Gifts #2 Hangover Relief
Another great groomsman gift bag idea for friends who you expect to be drinking a lot after your wedding night, is a hangover relief kit. You can include a few Advil packets along with an Altoids tin container to help them deal with the morning after.

Groomsmen Gifts #3 Handyman Kit
It’s always a good idea to have tools ready since you never know when you might need them. If your friends already have multi-tools or the usual Swiss army knife, consider giving them lock picking tools or mini car tool sets.

Survival Kit
Travel Bag
Black Tie Bag

Groomsmen Gifts #4 Survival Kit
If you and your friends enjoy backpacking in Mount Rainier or roughing it up in the Great Smoky Mountains, then gift your friends with a survival kit that can help them last in the wilderness. You can include a water bag with filter, water-proof matches, med kit, flashlight and a pocket knife.

Groomsmen Gifts #5 Travel Bag
Destination weddings usually cost a lot, not only for the bride and groom, but also for the guests and wedding party. Lessen their expenses by gifting them a luggage bag packed with all the usual travel essentials. You can include toiletries and travel-sized shampoos or soaps.

Groomsmen Gifts #6 Black Tie Bag
If you and your groomsmen need to dress to the 9’s for your wedding day, consider giving them a set of accessories that goes well with their suits. This box set collection, for instance, contains three classy-looking accessories: a money clip, cufflinks, and a tie clip. What’s best about this option is that you can personalize the box.

Groomsmen Gifts #7 Grill Bag
For friends that enjoy grilling meats, sausages and anything that moves, a pit master bag is the way to go. You can include grilling cookbook, accessories, heat-proof gloves and mini bottles of homemade BBQ sauce.

Groomsmen Gifts #8 Movie Night Bag
Are you the type of friends that cue in line to watch a movie premiere? Or perhaps you spend every Wednesday night at a friend’s house to watch the classics. If you are, then why not make a gift bag out of microwave popcorn, candies and a DVD of your favorite movie? To make it more personal, you can add in a caricature of your group dressed as the most memorable movie characters.

Which Top 8 Groomsmen Gifts To Choose?

When choosing items for your gift bag, pick out items that best describe your friendship with your groomsmen. This way, you can make the gift much more meaningful and special. While the items themselves will be useful, fun and loved by your groomsman, it’s the thought and personal touch you put in it that they will remember. Use these top 8 groomsmen gifts as your inspiration to create a gift that truly shows how much you care.

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