To Fondant or Not To Fondant?

First of all, wedding cakes are no longer limited to the typical three tier wedding cake.   Yesterday I happened to catch an episode of Amazing Wedding Cakes and watched Cake Alchemy create not just a cake but a piece of art.  (Here I will disclose that I am a cake show junkie!)  The cake was topped with a blown sugar “chandelier” lit from within for a New York Bridal Show.

There are no limits to what a cakemaker can sculpt out of flour, sugar, and fondant for your special cake.  OR buttercream?  We wanted to let you know that Fondant always gets a bad rap but has come along way in flavor.  Most will admit that fondant is “neutral’ in taste at best, but it can make a GORGEOUS, custom cake.  On the other hand, buttercream definitely tastes better.  The good news is that you can have BOTH.

Most cakes are layered in buttercream icing and then covered with rolled fondant.  The seamless nature of fondant makes it hands down the choice for design.  You can even peal it away and savor the buttercream.  I will say that every once in a while you can find a fondant that is worth enjoying like a giant slice of Maples cake.

Just look at these cakes from Maples.  Don’t you love the brooches and brocade designs!

Now, that that dilemma has been solved —Happy Designing and Eating!!!!  Just know that you might have to compete for the limelight at your reception when your guests spy the cake!

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