{To Do or Not To Do} The First Look!

The first look continues to be one of the most difficult things for brides and their fiancés to decide whether or not to do. I have my pros and cons to why or why you should or shouldn’t do it, but it really comes down to your own personal preference. However, I highly recommend talking to your photographer to help you make a good decision. Ian Riley sat down with me to tell me some of the pros of doing a first look! He is very convincing…especially with these stunning first look photos! 
first look   1st lúc n. : an intimate moment between a bride and groom where they initially see one another in their wedding attire before the wedding ceremony and festivities. There’s a very special moment that happens when you first see your bride in her dress. You never forget it. Sometimes it starts with the doors opening and as she begins a breathtaking walk toward you, down the aisle. Like when I first saw my beautiful bride, over six years ago. Or you may have a quiet, intimate moment in a shady glen before the day goes into full swing. Before getting nervous. Before 100 pairs of eyes are watching. It’s just the two of you, seeing each other for the first time. A first look does buck tradition. No way around that. But a large majority of couples I’ve worked with have done it. And if I could go back, I would have too–it makes for more meaningful images. If you’re wondering if you should do it, here are a few things to think about. Share Something Special When it’s only you and the love of your life, you act differently. There’s more laughter, smiles, and visible love. On many occasions the first look calms a couple’s nerves. And instead of checking your emotions because you’re on display in front of an audience, you can just be yourself. It’s OK to get emotional. This is usually when a groom tears up. And many brides have come back and mentioned that the first look was their favorite part of the day. Enjoy Your Whole Reception  Imagine going directly from your ceremony to your reception. No missing the first hour. The time that’s usually reserved for couple portraits is now for you just to have fun. You both can enjoy more time with family and friends at the reception. The whole day is a celebration for you. And it always goes by too fast. You shouldn’t have to miss part of your own party. Get Images That Mean More  When couples decide to do a first look, that’s usually when the best portraits happen. The emotions aren’t forced. You’re both relaxed because it’s just the two of you. We’ll pick a beautiful location, or even one that has a special meaning for you. And since it’s earlier in the day, you’ll be fresher and have more energy. A first look slows the day down. It’s a break in the midst of a marathon. And in that moment nothing else matters. When you first lock eyes, it’s like falling for each other all over again. And that’s what the first look all about–celebrating your joy, intimacy, and love.

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