{To Do or Not to Do} A Signature Drink!

We’ve all been to those elaborate events where the host provides a “Signature Drink,” and some of you may think that’s too over-the-top. But what you may not have thought about is how easy it can be to create your very own Signature Drink and the impression that it will have on your guests! Creating a signature drink for your wedding day can be as simple as renaming one of your favorite beverages to a name relative to you and your fiance, or as elaborate as creating your very own recipe for a delicious customized cocktail! However you choose to customize, a signature drink can speak not only for you and your fiance’s personal style but also the whole style of your wedding day! It is one of those little details that can complete your vision and “wow” your guests! Here’s some reasons why we think a signature drink is a must-have for any reception style…


Images by Psalm 27 Creative

1. Reflection on You and Your Sweetheart!

Do the two of you have a favorite sports team or vacation spot? Why not commemorate the place where you had your first date by dedicating a cocktail to it? Your guests will love learning more about your history as a couple through a delicious beverage!

2. Completes Your Wedding Day Style!

Cocktails are not only known for their agreeable taste, they are also known for their electric hues! Complete your wedding’s “look” with a drink that complements your color scheme.

3. Leaves an Impression on Your Guests!

Not only will your guests enjoy the drink throughout the night, they will be talking about it for weeks after your wedding!

4. Carries Over to the Rest of Your Life!

Who says a wedding is the only time to have a cocktail?! You can use your signature cocktail recipe at all your social functions throughout the rest of your life!

** The Wedding 101 Signature Cocktail **

1 can of frozen lemonade

1 liter of club soda

1 bottle of Reisling

Sliced lemons and limes (for garnish)

Looks great in Stemless Martini Glasses, like the ones we used at our Spring Bride Mixer, provided by Southern Events!

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