Title Unique Engagement Ring Designs for 2019

The design chosen for a couple’s engagement ring reflects their character and personality. While the elegance of the classic round design diamond is, and will continue to be, a timeless expression, many couples are looking to express themselves differently. Jewelry designers are now recognized by name in many cases. Brides and grooms connect with certain designers from shared experiences, values, and the designer’s style. Some wedding ring designers are now considered celebrities in their own right. Through their work with famous actors and musicians, names like Robert Procrop and Lorraine Schwartz have emerged, with their online fans eagerly awaiting their latest engagement and wedding ring designs. Celebrity engagement announcements often feature photos of the ring along with a thorough description of the stones and metal used. For many, this spotlight places more emphasis on the latest trends, resulting in the popularity of traditional rings to decline. Brides and grooms associate their engagement rings with who they are as a couple.

Stone Selection

While the diamond continues to be the most desired stone of all engagement rings, alternatives are appearing. The oval cut sapphire given to Princess Diana by Prince Charles garnered great attention during the 1980s. This ring went on to make an even greater impact after the stone was more recently redesigned for Kate Middleton’s engagement ring. This news has fueled interest in diverse engagement ring stone options. Other couples have also famously chosen different stones for their rings, such as Jessica Simpson’s ruby and Elizabeth Hurley’s sapphire.

Stone Color Options

Within diamonds, colors are rarer and,more expensive. Despite this, or perhaps because of this, colored diamonds are becoming more desirable. The classic white sparkle of diamonds is being replaced with yellow flair and pink twinkles, either as a central stone or as smaller collection upon
the setting. Katy Perry wears a pink diamond, notably surrounded by smaller white diamonds to imitate the ‘bloom’ of a flower, while Jennie Garth proudly wears a beautiful black diamond. Other celebrities, such as Kristen Bell and Cardi B, are flaunting their diverse ring colors. There is a definite growing preference for colored stones and their combinations.

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Stone Shapes

Topping the table of popularity is the round cut. It continues to be the most desirable shape of diamond for over 50% of purchased engagement rings in the USA. While other competing shapes don’t share the same size preference, they are likely to become more popular. Ashlee Simpson proudly shows off her marquise shape diamond, which brought back much interest in the art deco or Gatsby design. Brad Pitt sought the expertise of Robert Procrop to create a tablet-cut diamond for the iconic piece he gave to Angelina Jolie and it remains one of the most well-known engagement rings of recent years.

Affordable Options

In 2019 you will see more extravagant designs as people begin to express themselves in unusual ways through their engagement ring choices. You will continue to see new colors and shapes on the red carpet and beyond. Expense is definitely a factor. Couples often can afford millions for a one-of-a-kind designer masterpiece. To keep up with the changing preference for increasingly adventurous and elegant designs, expert designers such as Tacori, are adapting. So, when you begin searching for a ring that perfectly epitomizes your relationship you are more likely than ever to find the optimal design that fits your partner’s personality without the extravagant price.

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