Tips On Writing Your Own Vows

Deciding to write your own vows can be intimidating, but it can also one of the most memorable portions of your wedding ceremony. To create a personal feel to the traditional wedding, many couples have taken to writing their own vows. This makes the ceremony a spiritual and emotional experience for the couple themselves and all their guests. Below are some tips on writing your own vows…

(Dr. Gary Copeland, Wedding Officiant)

  1. Discuss with your fiancé how long you want your vows to be. Also discuss tone. The actual vows themselves should be a surprise but they should complement each other.
  2. Add personal touches like memories of the past, quotes that define your relationship, or song lyrics.
  3. Research other vows, and get a taste for what you like and don’t like.
  4. Say them out loud to yourself, and see if the vows flow well.

(Reverend Ron Rowlett, Wedding Officiant)

In many pre-marital courses the officiant or pastor will encourage couples to write their own vows and will even be there to help you through the process. We work with some wonderful officiants here at Wedding 101. Reverend Ron Rowlett and Dr. Gary Copeland are both enjoyable to work with, and they will help make the whole ceremony flow smoothly. To get started with your ceremony plans, just contact one of them today! Thanks to Allie for these awesome tips on how to write your own vows!

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