{Tips & Advice} The Wedding Registry

One of the most exciting events during your engagement is registering for gifts! It’s a time for you and your fiance to discuss what items you’ll need to turn your house into a home. So read on to get a few tips and tricks for how to go about registering for gifts, and don’t let the wedding registry feel like a daunting task.

Thanks to Dillard’s for these lovely pictures!

 1. Make a Plan – Don’t just start driving to your nearest department store to build your wedding registry… Sit down with your fiance and make a plan! Do you all want traditional china, linens, and home decor? Or do you want something a little more unique? For a store that has a little bit of every style, check out Dillard’s!

2. Take Your Time – Registering for gifts will take more than just 30 minutes… Think about it, you have a whole house to fill up! Even if you’re living in an apartment or condo, there are plenty of necessities for each room. Make the most of your time together by blocking out a solid afternoon for the two of you and those scanner guns!

3. Don’t Worry about Price – I know it may feel weird putting that $200 vacuum on your registry… But having a variety of prices available will allow people options when shopping for you! Plus some of your friends may want to all chip in to purchase an item that they know you will LOVE and USE, instead of all buying cheap gifts that you may or may not use everyday.

4. Just Keep Scanning, Just Keep Scanning – It’s okay to fill up that registry! Even if you know there’s no way you’ll receive all those gifts, most stores offer discounts on the items remaining on your registry after your wedding day. So after your honeymoon, go check out what’s left on the registry, and enjoy discounts on all your leftover items!

You should be able to enjoy this special time in your life! So hopefully these tips will help you relax and make the most of your wedding registry. For more helpful tips and wedding advice, stop by the Wedding 101 studio!

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