{Tips & Advice} How Rude!?!

Show of hands: how many of you have ever been left tongue-tied because someone made some appalling, inappropriate comment about your wedding? Look no further, lovelies. Here’s how you can respond to those awful comments and questions so that you come out looking like a classy and put-together woman.

Tina-Fey-Gif(Tina Fey)

 “Are you sure you’re ready?”

Translation: This is probably coming from someone who is A. single or in a long term relationship wishing for an engagement, or B. someone who is afraid of commitment. Another potential person asking this question could be a parent. I could be getting engaged at 34 years old, and my mom would still ask me this. He or she may have had a bad engagement or marriage experience, be afraid of commitment, or may be feeling a hint of jealousy which is prompting them to ask this rude question.

Comeback: The key to a successful comeback to this question is confidence! Don’t get mad or start doubting your relationship, but simply respond with confidence and excitement about your new engagement and future with your forever lover! Example, “We’ve never been more ready to spend the rest of our lives together!” (Don’t forget to smile!)

(Zooey Deschanel)

“The marriage won’t last.”

Translation: This is coming from someone who has definitely had a bad marriage or dating experience. They are bitter and hate anything and everything that has to do with love and weddings. Don’t take their sour attitude personally. They see life as a glass that’s half empty…with a crack at the bottom causing it to leak.

Comeback: I know I would get the worst kind of angry if someone said this to me; But engaged ladies, you must stay classy! You can simply giggle it off and turn their pessimism back on them by saying, “Who tinkled in your Cheerios this morning?” …and then move on! Better yet, consider deleting them from your life. Negative energy isn’t good for you.

Engagement-Ring-Gif(engagement ring)

“Is that really the ring you wanted?”

Translation: Your ring will spark conversation and snobby remarks. It’ll be too big, too small, too shiny, too traditional, too different…the list goes on.  This isn’t about your ring. The person asking this question is jealous that you received a proposal and a gorgeous engagement ring.

Comeback: Every newly engaged woman wants to show off her new bling on the left hand! That’s normal and OKAY! If you are in the midst of telling your proposal story or showing your ring and you get some negative vibes, then make a smooth transition by saying, “We are both really happy and excited.” Take the attention and energy off of you and the ring and make it towards the couple. Then continue on to your friends that will be excited and happy for you and your new bling.

(Mindy Project)

“Who is paying for all of this?”

Translation: This one is just a no no to ask, and anyone that asks this question has no manners. Perhaps they are shocked at the elegance of your wedding’s details, or they are wondering how your parents could afford such an event. Either way, it’s none of their business!

Comeback: I would probably respond with this gif, “I have no money. And I will not pay,” and then I’d walk away. However, a classy response would be to let this person know he or she has crossed a line and simply say, “That’s nothing for you to worry about! It’s between my fiancé, me, and my family.”

(New Girl) 

“So when are you going to have kids?” 

Translation: Some couples can’t enjoy being newlyweds because people start asking them about reproducing. This is a natural topic to come up with newlyweds. Heck, some people will start asking the moment they find out you are engaged! While it can be frustrating and annoying, it shouldn’t be to upsetting…get ready, you will be asked a lot.

Comeback: You and your fiancé have probably talked about when you’d like to start a family. This is between your and your boo, and it should remain that way! When people ask, you can be very vague by saying, “We would love to have a family in the future, but right now we are just enjoying each other and being newlyweds.”

Thanks to The Knot for this blog inspiration!

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