{Tips & Advice} 5 Ways to Pack Your Wedding Dance Floor!

Wedding 101 has some great tips on how to select wedding music, questions to ask your DJ, and how to make sure your guests are up and dancing! I wanted to share their 5 ways to pack your wedding dance floor!

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From Diana “If you’re anything like me, you want your friends and family to have a great time at your wedding reception. Actually, you’d want them to walk away feeling like, OMG that was the best time I’ve ever had! Call me a dreamer, but I believe it’s within reach.” 

Here are some insider dance floor tips for making your reception fun and memorable:

  1. Make sure your DJ is a good fit.

    Every couple and every wedding carries a different vibe, so imagine the way you want guests to feel at your reception. What ambience are you going for? Does your DJ fit that picture? Although there are many other things to look for in a DJ,  a good DJ will ask lots of questions about you, your wedding plans, and your music preferences. Tell her (or him) about how you envision your reception and ask how she’d create that atmosphere with music. Listen to her song suggestions and give feedback. It’s through this interaction, that you’ll get a feel for whether or not you’re a good fit.

  2. Build excitement in the weeks leading up to your party!

    Let guests be interactive and request songs in advance. They’ll appreciate being a part of the planning process and thank you by dancing the night away. Nowadays, many DJs allow guests to make music requests online prior to the big day. You can add a link on your wedding website or Facebook page. You might also consider adding a song request line to your RSVP cards. Don’t worry about those two obscure song requests from cousin Ed. You can go over the list with your DJ and decide on songs that just don’t make the final cut. You could also get a couple of surprise group favorites that might’ve otherwise been overlooked. If your DJ works well with other vendors, she can set up some awesome photo moments just by giving the photographer a heads up to crowd favorites.. I love those moments!

  3. Surprise your guests with a fun twist on a traditional first dance.

    If your first dance song is a slow, sentimental love song, consider cutting it short and seamlessly transitioning into a fun, upbeat song to get the party started. Your DJ can help you come up with the perfect mix of sweet and fun. This is a great way to set a fun tone for the rest of the night!

  4. Don’t limit your picks to one genre of music.

    Even though you only love dixie rock, your uncle might appreciate an MJ from the 80s throwback. Having a good mix of songs keeps the dancefloor diverse. Seeing grandpa, your ladies, and the flower girls all sharing the dance floor will definitely be worth it! For tips on finding a good mix of songs.

  5. Dance!

    Guests will be looking to you to set the tone. If you’re out there having fun, they’ll naturally want to join you. If dancing isn’t your thing, ask a few outgoing friends or bridesmaids to take lead on the dance floor. I’m sure they’d be honored.

You can have any kind of party you want. It’s truly all about the tone you set. Hope this was helpful!

Do you want a kick-butt dance party at your wedding?

What are some things you’re doing to make sure guests have fun?

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